This is Sony’s most impressing phone ever! No doubt that Samsung will get competition! They launched their Galaxy S4 last week, and everybody had high expectations. But don’t forget Sony. Xperia Z is a really cool phone. It is made by glass, and this gives the phone an exclusive look.


The best specs ever by Sony


Water resistant phone
Water resistant phone

The 5″ screen has full HD and is super sharp. In some of the reviews, the screen is describes as an average screen, and not much better than the screen in Galaxy S3!

The phone is very thin, only 7.9mm and is water resistant! The batery is acceptable and it is water resistant, maybe the best feature! 

Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z

Finally a phone that lasts 3 days without charging

Sony introduces a new feature, Stamina Mode. If you turn this funcion on, it will last much longer! You don’t need to bring the charger cable with you everywhere you go.  We think that this phone can appeal to women. It looks abit more feminine than Galaxy S 4. But it’s a bit more heavy than  Galaxy S4 (130grams) with its 146 grams.  

The water resistant phone

We like Sony’s latest masterpiece, and wish them good luck! The fact that it is water resistant and dust free, brings us an impression that it is very solid, almost as the old Nokia phones! Now you can bring your phone to the beach and swim with it!

Sony’s boldest attempt to grab the lead?

The writes:

“One thing’s for sure: Sony’s not content with being an also-ran in the Android smartphone race, and the Z is its boldest attempt to grab the lead yet. It has all the requisite spec credentials — a 1080p display, quad-core processor, LTE — but it’s facing a market saturated with feature- and spec-rich devices that will demand something a little extra. Can Sony stand out on design alone, might the PlayStation Mobile experience finally deliver, or are we just staring down yet another overgrown Android looking for a raison d’être?”



RT @NatalieGilpinn: They need to make a water proof phone case that doesn’t cost like 100 dollars..

Water proof phone or what I need one of those

We all want a water proof phone so we can use it in the shower

The best part of having a water proof camera is that you dont have to worry about snow melting on it when you go outside to record something

We need a water proof camera , six bricks and a walkie talkie .

Bought a new water proof camera today & it’s already broken!!!! Lol