Lommedalsbanen Station House

Main station for Lommedalsbanen

This year, Lommedalsbanen is still going strong. A small but very nice attraction just outside of Oslo for the whole family. Lommedalsbanen is driven by enthusiasts loving trains and is a very nice reason for getting all of the members in your family out. Including a very nice ride, you will also get one of Norway’s best waffles. So be sure to use some hours once you arrive.

When arriving, you will get history of the whole train route. There are often many parents with children here as its mostly something that children loves a lot. Distrita can really recommend to anyone coming to Oslo in June, August, September and even in December 2015.


How to get There?

If you know where Bærums Verk is, then it is really easy to find when driving with car. There are plenty of parking possibilities near where the train goes.

  • Car
    From Røa Haslum or Sandvika you should drive towards Bærums Verk, then go to Lommedalsveien at it’s very end, and then drive on Kampeveien and Tolverudveien. Then follow the signs and you will find it. Sometimes you will even hear the train sound when approaching.

If you are new to Oslo and its surroundings. There is a public transportation connection with buss to Lommedalsbanen. The busses are green and can be a little bit more expensive than the red busses in Oslo. The green busses have longer routes and crosses the Oslo border. If you really know where Oslo main buss station is (Oslo Bussterminal), then its easy to get there, but you can also take the Bus 143 from several stations also.

  • Public Transportation
    Bus 143 and 753 from Oslo main bussterminal (Oslo Bussterminal) to a station called Bykrysset in Lommedalen. From there, follow the signs to Lommedalsbanen.
Lommedalsbanen Choo Choo Train with Steam

A choo choo train with Steam

Time for Departures in 2015

It’s still some time until Lommedalsbanen is open, but with out guide you can make some plans if your plans is to visit Oslo or its surroundings this summer

June: Sunday, 07.06; Sunday, 14.06; Sunday, 21.06; Sunday, 28.06
August: Sunday, 16.08; Sunday, 23.08; Sunday, 30.08
September: Sunday, 06.09; Sunday, 13.09; Sunday, 20.09; Sunday, 27.09

Also, there is two Winter trains going in December month this year also

December: Saturday, 05.12 and Sunday, 12.06 (Trains to “Santa Claus house”)

Lommedalsbanen Train Tracks

Train Tracks for Lommedalsbanen

Time for when the Trains will choo choo!

Station 129 131 133 135 137 139
Gundershogget Departure 11.10 11.55 12.40 13.25 14.10 15.00
Bjørkåsen Departure 11.15 12.00 12.45 13.30 14.15 15.06
Vensåsbakken Hp. Departure 11.17 12.02 12.47 13.32 14.17 15.08
Smutterud Departure 11.21 12.06 12.51 13.36 14.21 15.12
Station 130 132 134 136 138 140
Smutterud Departure 11.34 12.19 13.04 13.49 14.34 15.19
Vensåsbakken Hp. Departure 11.38 12.23 13.08 13.53 14.38 15.23
Bjørkåsen Departure 11.42 12.27 13.12 13.57 14.42 15.27
Gundershogget Departure 11.46 12.31 13.16 14.01 14.46 15.31


Lommedalsbanen many trains

A really old and unique German driven car on Rail tracks