Ebay seems to have taken the used market by storm in the world. However in Norway and Sweden there are two giants that prevents Ebay into wanting putting their name efforts in releasing local versions of their site. Finn.no is on its own, while Tradera got bought by eBay Inc. in April 2006 for 365 million SEK. However they have choosen to keep the Tradera name for now.

Finn and Tradera

Finn.no is Humongous in Norway
This is a Norwegian classified advertisements website, with sections devoted to sales mainly, but it also have jobs, housing, cars and travel sections that are really popular. The website was established in March 2000, and currently has over 320 employees. This is the largest Norwegian website in the number of page views, and has around 3.5 million users a week according to TNS Gallup in 2011.

The used market that Finn.no is so huge at, makes it almost impossible to beat and Ebay seems to not even try. However ebay.no, ebay.se and ebay.dk is getting directed to the main Ebay site. Maybe something in the future!?

Tradera.se is a Humongous trading only website
While Finn.no is everything in one site, Tradera is much more Ebay in that it only focus on trading. It was actually bought by eBay in 2006. The site got over 2,5 million members and about one million listings back in 2011.

Give aways is also Huge thing on Finn website
On Finn.no, you also have a give away section where people actually give away things. Sometimes you find gems here as Norwegians loves to spend money on lots and then give away if not needed. Tradera seems not to have this service etc.

Lot’s of Amiga, Dreamcast and other Retro consoles
If you search for Amiga retro machines and addons. Finn.no is also a nice place for that. Commodore had a big market in Norway and because of that, many actually sells them here and on the bigger Amiga websites. You also find people selling Dreamcast consoles and games for it a lot. Nintendo 64, Playstation 2 and other consoles and games for them can also be found.

The very same part can be said about Tradera.se. Here you find lots of Amiga and other Retro stuff and I must admit that the Amiga, Atari and Dreamcast sections here is way bigger than on Finn.no. Including Amiga, Swedes seems to be much more into Atari also. When I did a search on Atari ST, I got quite many games for it and a few selling 1MB RAM and cables for the machine. There is also one selling a Boxed Atari 1040ST FM machine. Very nice!

CRT TV’s for almost Nothing
If you love retro gaming, then Finn.no is a nice place to go. Here people either give them away or sell these very cheap.

So, if you got some extra income because of Christmas and/or want to explore these Scandinavian trading websites, check them out. Maybe someone is selling the product you want for a much better price than the regular store on-line etc. Also by getting stuff that people otherwise wants to throw in the garbage, you also help the enviroment. Think of it!