This is Distrita. We cover Anything which is interesting. Why? Because other media doesn’t. Simple as that. Here is the place where you should point your browser to when you want the News that matters. There are so many people out there deserve so much more attention than others, just because they inspire and have the passion for what they do. Distrita aims at covering all todays gadgets, but We Also cover platforms like Amiga, Atari or even Nokias Symbian platform. Just because Symbian isn’t big anymore, doesn’t mean they should be forgotten? Distrita also covers Events where Commodore 64 still exists, and We Do Love writing about shops and clubs covering Gadgets that is brilliant, but no one cares because it’s not a massmarked for it.

Welcome to Distrita and welcome to the site that is the true “Reaching Out To You” website of the year 2011.