One of Americas biggest evenings of the year is Super Bowl. It is a festival where the two leading American Football teams play to win. And it is a massive media circus! Not only the sports, but also the half time music performance and the dedicated Commercials especially made for the event. So… you can ask how many watch Super Bowl? It is a huge event in the United States of course, but even in the rest of the world it is broadcasted live, although it is night in Europe.

How many will watch Super Bowl in 2018? 111 Million watched Super Bowl last yearSuper Bowl 2018

To be accurate, 111,9 Million people watched Super Bowl in United States, last year. But not only there. Here in Norway, many watched Super Bowl which was shown in the middle of the night local time. On Monday morning, many people came “very” sleepy at work for sure. Some even dropped work totally,.. sigh :)

Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars were big guest stars to the event. They made the event a very attractive one for many people. Also the commercials had big viewing statistics.

Another statistic is the 4.6 Million Twitter messages that were posted about the commercials. Super Bowl 2018 is going to be great and we will give you updates, stats and numbers when we know more for sure.

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