If you are into rock-synth and love Nightwish inspired music Blue Metal Rose is for sure a nice alternative. Not only do they make awesome music but they also uses classic Amiga machine for creating the total music video experience. With OctaMED Soundstudio for AmigaOS and Roland synthesizers, Blue Metal Rose makes sure that you as a listener gets a inspiring and emotional music that hits your heart and life.

Watch 4 music videos online on Amitopia TV’s Blue Metal Rose Special program. The service got a license from Phénix Noir Recordings and its intention is to spread their music even more.

About Amitopia TV

This is a on-line Amiga TV channel on YouTube with page on facebook and here on Distrita.com. The channel aim is to bring Amiga Entertainment to everyones homes, because there is so much content that deserves to be shared. Welcome to the shows now and then.

Blue Metal Rose
Phénix Noir Recordings