A wave of hot air is giving record high temperatures in Southern parts of Europe now. At the same time, Northern Europe has a very cold and unstable weather type. It was only 10 degrees in Oslo last night, and it’s possible to get autumn spirit when you look out the window and the see the dark skies and heavy rain, even some wind!

But it’s not only in Europe weather is behaving strange… Youtube’s Adapt 2030 writes: St John’s, New Brunswick Mayor misrepresents record snow totals during inquiry as less than last year, but winter 2014-2015 had record snowfall totals. You must ask yourself why the mayor does not know that his city received record snow this year and why the road and salt budget was $700K over budget because of this.

New ice age is coming

According To NASA Scientist/Climatologist John Casey that is just the beginning of what is to come during this next 30 yr cycle of Extreme cold which will be caused by a historic decline in the Suns energy output that will impact the entire world.

We gonna have 30 extreme cold years, global warming gets to global cooling

If Casey Is right, than not only will a mass number of the worlds people die by freezing and starving to death due to the extreme cold killing 50 percent of the worlds food supply, but you can also expect Super earthquakes, and more powerful volcanic eruptions across the globe.
– See more at: http://www.patriotnetdaily.com/nasa-scientist-predicts-food-riots-mass-deaths-and-super-earthquakes-beginning-2015-due-to-extreme-cold-30-yr-period-unbelievable-video/#!prettyPhoto