Voyage across the Atlantic from Wonderful West Virginia to Amiga Ireland

There are some more unique people than you think. Some tries to do extreme stuff like Elon Musk which sent a Tesla into space. However! These people choose to do a different thing. They want to go with a boat from West Virginia to Amiga Ireland! They will be taking the voyage across the Atlantic if they get enough funds! So, Distrita had to step up and help out!

Fundraising the Voyage from West Virginia to Amiga Ireland

Destination is Amiga Ireland for two Amigos that loves the Amiga computer! The Amigos have been invited to Amiga Ireland. Aaron has familial and work duties, but do have a Boat that can go! He just needs a little financial assistance to make the long voyage across the Atlantic from Wild, Wonderful West Virginia in United States of America to Europes outpost country Ireland.

If the Boat can make it to Amiga Ireland, he’ll be doing broadcasts throughout the event, interviewing folks, checking out the latest and greatest in the scene to report back on the show, and hopefully culminating in the first ever trans-Atlantic recording of Amigos in history!

Bringing Amiga Love in their Voyage across the Atlantic

The Amigos will  also be bringing a bevvy of Amigos swag to hand out to fellow Amiga Ireland attendees! Amiga Ireland is an Amiga event that is held between January 18th and 19th in 2019. It is seen as one of the most important Amiga events as its grown rapidly.

Note: Should foul weather strike and flights are cancelled, or if some other unforeseen catastrophe strikes, these funds will be used to travel to England for Play Expo Manchester in May.

Getting across the sea to an Amiga event with a boat is tough. These Amigos people from USA should get all the help that they need thru their fundraiser site. Will they make it? What do you think of that? So, go on and support them if you believe in their task. The Amiga event is held in Athlone, which is in the middle part of Ireland. So they need to park the boat in a town sitting by the coast.

Fantastic Fundraiser! We wish the Amigos good luck! And remember that if you want to read more great Amiga related articles. Visit Amitopia website.




Source: gofundme



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