The 3D break-out game with that extra twist is out. This non-stop action arcade game will challenge your reflexes and nerves.
Or play the unique duel-mode and challenge your friends.

VoxelNoid takes the classic break-out theme to a new level by integrating an amazing 3D voxel appearance into the game-play.

Use your bat to deflect the ball and destroy all the voxel-bricks.
Destroyed bricks break into lots of voxel debris which charge your laser-beam when collected by your ball.

Use the laser to blast away even those harder bricks that would withstand a hit by your ball.

And punish your opponent in duel-mode by sending penalty-bricks to his playfield whenever you blast away 2 of your own bricks…

  • fast paced gameplay
  • 30 different maps to discover
  • unique 3D voxel graphics
  • old-school chip-tunes and -sounds
  • local and online highscores
  • lots of achievements to unlock
  • easy / normal / hard difficulty levels
  • lots of extras (enlarge bat, slow down ball, multi-ball, etc.)
  • laser-beam to blast away those bricks and boost your score
  • unique 2-player simultan split-screen duel-mode
  • send penalty bricks to your opponent in duel-mode
  • support for all joypads / joysticks
  • two joypads / joysticks supported
  • Facebook integration (Android / iOS only)

Amiga System requirements:
MorphOS 3.x
NG Amiga with AmigaOS 4.x, Warp3D

See their webpage and download from here: