China.-the company Volkswagen presented at the fair in Shanghai, China motor, the iBeetle, the classic beetle after a close alliance between the German company and Apple.
The iBeetle has a base dock and an application designed under the supervision of the workers of the Cupertino company.
Of disagrees with VW, “the functions of the iPhone can be used in the Beetle: surf the Internet, call hands-free and listen to music and many more”.
It should be noted that the application includes Spotify, as well as a function to receive messages, updates from Facebook and a function to send the same location of the car to our contacts that has been called “Postcard”.
The iBeetle body colors are inspired by the iPhone and the model is in normal and convertible version, wheels have a unique design.
Features details:
-Spotify. It allows users to listen to music through streaming of the known service and share our favorite with friends music. It also offers the option to quickly switch between Spotify or iTunes anytime library.
-Expert. Five functions that make the iPhone a prolongation of the control panel of the Beetle with indicators of strength G (to measure lateral acceleration), the temperature of the oil and engine coolant, a stopwatch and a compass.
-Coach. To compare the duration, distances and consumption of different routes between two points, as well as send these tips through Twitter and Facebook. -Reader. It shows the latest messages from social networks like Facebook and read aloud messages of the iPhone.
-Postal. Send the current position of the Beetle to your friends as a digital postcard with a map of your route.
-Photo. Send photos taken inside the car to different social networks. “Simply activate it and the app will do the rest.”
-Achievements. When the phone is unlocked — go getting achievements, same van keeping to know the tasks that are completed with the auto.