Viva Amiga – The Documentary About Amiga and it’s Amiga Users defending it

This Documentary is for Everyone! It is made for You which is Currious about Amiga and Why you from time to time find Amiga users trying to tell you why Amiga is their favourite machine. Viva Amiga answers these questions! Also! You get to know the Commodore history and those people which made it happen back in 1985.


RJ Mical tells you how emotionally it was to work for Commodore Amiga division


Viva Amiga IS a documentary about Amiga and it’s users! Answering questions on WHY Amigans love their machine and it’s community so much. How much Commodore engineers and workers Loved to work in the Amiga enviroment and how Users still uses Amiga computers today.

This is a documentary for every interested to know about the most underrated computer in the history! A computer that opens creativity, visions and dreams in peoples hearts! A computer that is still loved in 2017 by thousands of users. A computer that refuses to die, despite PC magazines writing about it’s death several times.

Viva Amiga is about Amiga Then and NOW!

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A really great tip to get a glimpse of the author of Viva Amiga, is to watch the panel down at VCF Southeast. Check out the latest, greatest video from Amiga Bill and The Guru Meditation. Thanks again, Adam Spring for making this amazing event happen.

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