One of the most entertaining aspects of Ant-Man and The Wasp movie, was how the visual effects in film played with the characters’ shrinking and growing. This kind of effects been used in many types of movies. But in the video below. The visual effects creators shows how the shrinking and growing was made by using green screen.

Heavy CGI was used for the Visual Effects in Film

Marvel obviously relied on CGI, to turn the buildings into smaller versions. CGI also helped in changing the suitcase and that Helly Kitty dispenser into a massive weapon. Creating something like this takes weeks. Sitting and modeling things so they look good is hard work and the fact that the CGI graphics must blend correctly with the environment too is a not too easy task. But the workers behind this knows for sure what they are doing.

We can only guess how much of each scene was real and how much were visual effects! But Rodeo, the VFX company behind all those fun scenes, have given us a glimpse into how they were shot and which parts of the set had to be covered in green screen!

This video from Rodeo company also reveals how the blowing up Effects were made

The video which is made by Rodeo also gives you a idea of how the company blew up and shrank Hank’s cars. But thats not all. You also see how the scenes  designed the team’s ant friends.

It’s a short but informative look at how Hollywood creates movies that depend so much on computer graphics. Times has changed a lot. But sometimes these computer graphics can look too much like it and can ruin it. You also learn by watching this short film revealing how Marvel shoots the action-packed sfx-rich entries to it’s cinematic universe too.

Visual effects in film for 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' shown How It was done

Stunning CGI 3D effects in ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’

Movie creation has come a long way. Visual effect in film is moving to new height every year. We can really thank those which is making this art. Without them, movies would a bit different.

Source/Photosource: Rodeo FX on YouTube