If you have passion for vikings and the medieval era, you should check out Viking Planet, a brand new digital viking museum in Oslo.

Viking Planet Oslo

We have visited this modern technology house, and give you our honest opinion if it is worth it to visit or not!

viking planet

The interest for vikings is huge, and it is a trend now to follow a popular TV series about the viking era like “Vikings” and “Game of Thrones”. Many enthusiasts become inspired to visit Scandinavia and discover one of the most famous places where the vikings lived. Until now Oslo could only offer The Viking Ship Museum for an audience, but in July 2019, the world’s first digital viking museum opened in the city centre of Oslo, The Viking Planet. It’s a different kind of museum using all kinds of modern technology.

Located next to the city hall, in a building that earlier was an electronic store, now a 1600 square meter digital museum. They like to name it “the portal to the viking age”. The museum offers a variety of unique experiences based on the viking heritage of Norway, more than thousand years ago. 

There is a very nice viking shop at the reception, where you can buy all kind of souvenirs related to the viking age.


Bring the memories from the Viking Planet with you! Everyone loves to take selfies, and at the Viking Planet you can record animated GIF videos with cool viking effects for free! Even group selfies are possible! You can get the photos sent to your own mail address, and there is no fee for this service.


There is a games section where you can play interactive games and learn more about different aspects of the viking age which is divided into 4 categories. They are “Ships”, “Warriors”, “Women” and “Gods”.  All these games have a clear potential, but unfortunately we found this part the most boring part of the entire museum. There should have been more options in these games if this were to impress adults, but maybe kids like them!


There are lots of interesting information on the walls here showing the viking treasures. We absolutely recommend to take a closer look!


It’s a nice experience to sit in a small cinema with 270-degree monitors in a half-circle around you. Explore interesting topics like  Ships and Navigation, Weapons and Wars, Women in the Viking Age  and Religion & Mythology. The pictures are beautiful and it’s easy to become amazed, but we wished they had built up a story (like a short movie). It would have taken the cinema experience to a completely new and more exciting level.

If you are thirsty, there is a coffee machine standing next to the cinema, so feel free to have a coffee if you like! This is a complimentary service, and we really appreciated that!


Have a seat at the beautiful cinema area in the very middle of the museum and find the headphones, then choose your language. The movie’s title is The Viking Life and gives a good introduction to how the vikings lived and how brave they were.  As this movie is professionally produced, it made the viewing extremely enjoyable. 

The Viking Life: This film takes a time travel leap from the Futhark alphabet and the times of the Viking runes – into the digital age and the resurgence of Viking culture and storytelling in contemporary entertainment. Titles like Thor, Vikings, The Game of Thrones and Skyrim, as well as the classic Lord of the Rings, are all works of fiction in debt to the Viking saga ́s narrative, characters and compelling universe.


We met really cool Viking holograms and explored some iconic designs and symbols from the viking age.


Our coolest experience at the Viking Planet was definitely the Virtual Reality (VR) show.

Brand new VR technology brings you into a real viking battle. Through ground breaking VR technology we really felt we stepped back thousands of years and boarded a real viking ship! We witnessed a very realistic drama more immersive than any 4D cinema.

We completely understand why this VR experience was the ultimate award-winner during ASFF in November 2019, it’s extremely well produced.

We have visted Viking Planet in Oslo!

 “We’ve been to a lot of VR demos – everything from 8K batman helmets to nausea-inducing paragliding – but The Ambush felt incredibly fresh. The closest comparison I can think of is sitting onstage in a theatre, with the actors only a few feet away from you. I could see the Vikings in front of me heaving their chests as they rowed their ship down the river at night, squinting their eyes to see better in the dark, knuckles tensing around their CGI oars, and flinching as projectiles began to rain down on their allies.”


The Viking Planet is presented in Norwegian, English, Italian, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Polish to accommodate visitors from all parts of the world.


We spent about 2 hours inside of the museum. It was overall a very nice experience. Since most museums in Oslo close very early (around 4pm), your last museum visit can be the Viking Planet, since they are open until 6pm every day. If you would like to check out how museum experiences can take advantage of new modern technology, this is the place for you.

This is one of the most central museums Oslo has to offer. Just a 5 minute walk from the beautiful harbor area Aker Brygge.