Did you know that Trondheim (Norways third biggest city) have a tram line? It was Norways only tramline outside of Oslo until Bybanen in Bergen opened last year. Now its also worlds northernmost tramline in the world.

This tram line goes from the outskirts of city centre of Trondheim to Lijan. It’s a mostly single track tramline, but have doubletrack in the city centre and at different parts of the stretch for trams to allow to bypass each other. So, if you have plans on visit Trondheim in Norway, why not try this tramline? The whole trip takes about 20 minutes to ride.

The debate to have tram or not in Trondheim have been going on by the politicians there since the 1980’s and still until this date, they havent managed to agreed if the tramline should be extended or not. Its obvious that trams is the enviroment winner of most transportation alternatives out there. Also as Trondheim already have a tram, it would be logic to build on that instead of inventing new metro or other things. Trams can be built everywhere! Also as a underground/Metro alternative. Cities like Essen in Germany have this.


If you plan to take a ride, its good to know that Gråkallbanen have given its riders the oportunity to pay by SMS. This are all prices in NOK and if you wish to know more, visit their website: www.graakallbanen.no

 Type  Uregistrert – Not Registered  Registrert (konto) – Registered (account)
 Adult  Kr 36  Kr 21
 Children  Kr 18  Kr 11
 Elders  Kr 18  Kr 11
 Family  Kr 60  Kr 50
 Nigh tram  Kr 60  Kr 60
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