Love outdoor activities? Love to be inspired in all directions that you walk? Love to visit a calm place without much stress? The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne and its a city with lots of love for you that loves to Explore, Taste and See what Love is. Cheyenne is a magical place in the USA, so let me invite you to this unique city. You might even get inspired to go there!

Here is the ultimate guide to the smallest capital in the USA. A tiny capital where you can get the American feeling at every corner of it. Cheyenne is a state capital of the USA that almost no one has written anything about. So, let me invite you to Cheyenne in Wyoming.

Besides scoring a golden score in Geoguesser where I guessed about Wyoming. This is my first article regarding the area that w is our Distrita TV production mentioned together with Trond Grindvold. So, here I bring you info on “where to go”, “where to eat” and “where to stay” in one of America’s smallest capital.

Welcome to Cheyenne in the USA!

Meet Cowboys, Rodeos and American Lifestyle in Cheyenne

Around the world, the capital name Cheyenne brings up remarkable images of cowboys, rodeos, and endless views of grass. Here you can check out trains, and the great outdoors activities that this city allows.

Today’s Cheyenne is all of that and more! This city will always be ready to outfit you in new boots and hats from the Wrangler, to point out the Wild-West history in its unique downtown, and to seat you front and center at the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days. However, this year is different.

What to do outdoor in Cheyenne?

Cheyenne offers lots of things to do outside and inside in this remarkable city in the state of Wyoming. Let’s invite you first to the remarkable outdoor activities that you can do in Cheyenne

This is for sure one of the strongest reasons for visiting this American capital town. My first tip for some wild outdoor activity in Cheyenne is to go wild with ORV’s that include motorcycles, ATVs, and 4-wheel drive vehicles primarily used off-road.

In Wyoming, these vehicles can ride on both trails and roads in the richly varied landscape of Curt Gowdy State Park and Medicine Bow National Forest. Check the town’s rental places for this activity or if you have such vehicles that you can use then Wyoming is the perfect place to go wild. But remember safety first for people around you when driving them.

Or how about biking in Cheyenne? The state of Wyoming offers miles of bike trails and roads that are accessible by various bike types. There is even an awesome mountain bike paths in remote areas of the state where you can find winding roads that are ideal for cycling. Premium bike riders from all over the world will find rocky technical sections, huge rock formations, and spectacular views.

If biking is not your thing. Then you can also ride horses in certain areas of the state such as the Curt Gowdy State Park and Medicine Bow National Forest. Horses are allowed on hiking trails unless a trail is designated for foot travel only. And some campgrounds are next to horse corrals.

Wildlife in Cheyenne must be seen

Doing physical fun things is great. But Cheyenne also offers a fantastic option for those that love to take pictures of wildlife. This spectacular area of the USA boasts clear blue skies a lot during the year either its summer or winter. Wyoming state is home to abundant wildlife. Bird watchers and photographers will be treated to a variety of native and non-native birds.

A wide variety of birds, including golden and remarkable bald eagles, can be seen soaring through wide-open skies in this area. I have already written a longer article about eagles in America. So this area of the USA is for sure not a bad choice for people that wants to spot eagles flying.

If you want to take the bird interest to another level. Granite Reservoir is the largest of the park’s three reservoirs; it is open to all types of watercraft. Boats with a 15-horsepower limit are allowed on the Crystal reservoir, while Upper North Crow Reservoir is an unimproved, day-use area open only to human-powered boats. With a human-powered boat, you have the chance to meet the wildlife even closer. It is also a fantastic way of fishing.

The three reservoirs at Curt Gowdy State Park are the perfect place to enjoy fishing with friends or alone. Here you are able to see the sky with or without rainbow trout and kokanee salmon fishing as well as space for water sports.

What to eat and do outside in Cheyenne?

Cheyenne offers lots of delicious food to eat inside in this remarkable city. After a day full of activities. This capital offers some of the most delicious tastes ever whatever is served to you.

2 Doors Dawn serves Local food

Don’t want to waste your wallet money on fast food chains? Then this downtown restaurant in Cheyenne is the original source of local food taste.

2 Doors Dawn is owned by the Inniss. Here they serve delicious family’s gourmet burgers, soups, salads, appetizers, desserts, and shakes. It is all locally owned and operated which makes this place to a place that you must visit.

ADDRESS: 118 East 17th Street Cheyenne
TELEPHONE: (307) 634-6008 
HOURS: 11.00 (11 am) to 21.00 (9 pm), Monday to Saturday (Sundays closed)

Delicious and filling. Went here for lunch, so good and the portions are huge! Well worth the money! Also pretty fast and friendly service

by Keri P via Tripadvisor
Visit Real Cowboys in USA's 15th Smallest Capital 1

That burger looks just too delicious. A feast for anyone that visits 2 Doors Dawn. These burgers are delicious. They will keep your energy going strong.

Check out 2 Doors Down website here

Anong’s Thai Cuisine

Tired of burgers and fries? Then why not visit Anong’s Thai Cuisine in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Rice is good for you and so the people in Cheyenne love it too.

At this place in this remarkable city, you will get the ultimate Asian tasting experience. Here you will the wonderful taste of Thailand without leaving! Their restaurants are decorated in traditional Thai motif, accented by warm earth tones and displaying genuine Thai artwork throughout the interior.

In keeping with the atmosphere of a sophisticated Thai home, their chefs prepare the cuisine authentically as intended. Delicious Asian feast that is open during lunch and dinner hours.

ADDRESS: 620 Central Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82007
TELEPHONE: (307) 638-8597
LUNCH HOURS: 11.00 (11 am) to 15.00 (3 pm)
DINNER HOURS: 17.00 (5 pm) to 21.00 (9 pm (8 pm Sundays))

Visit Real Cowboys in USA's 15th Smallest Capital 2

The History of Anong’s Thai Cuisine

Visit Real Cowboys in USA's 15th Smallest Capital 3

After moving to the United States in 1990 from Thailand, Anong worked in numerous Thai restaurants around the US.  Upon moving to Rawlins, she began to notice the lack of Thai flavor in the local dining community and decided to show residents what they had been missing.  By arranging authentic, personal recipes of traditional Thai meals, she assembled a dedicated and talented cooking staff made up of family and close friends from Thailand.

In 2002, she opened her first restaurant in Rawlins, which quickly became the premier Asian cuisine of the area.  In 2007, we were able to expand to Laramie, and more recently in 2013, to Cheyenne, to better serve our patrons.  All three restaurants continue to be managed by Anong’s friends and family from Thailand, meaning that each and every meal maintains its traditional flair and integrity and pride in the culture.

Check out Anong’s Thai Cuisine site

There is so many food places to visit and stuff you can do in Cheyenne. So do check out this article from time to time. I will add information to it.