Oslo is growing fast, and especially the harbor area next to the opera is changing rapidly!

Check out the new “Sukkerbiten” area with drop-in saunas, food trucks and boat bars. Here you can rent kayaks, boats and other swimming equipments. Lay down in the sun and enjoy the sun! Or if it’s cold why not sit in one of the saunas that keep more than 50 degrees Celsius!

Try a refreshing bath from the sauna float next to Sukkerbiten

You can jump straight out in the sea from the float. The sea temperature can reach 20 degrees Celsius in the summer months, but many crazy Norwegians jump in the sea even in the coldest winter months when it’s below 5 degrees in the water! Trust me, it’s a very cold experience – but a fresh one – maybe a once in the lifetime experience? I’m sure you will be quick back to the sauna afterward!