Check out my Top 7 list of best vegetarian restaurants in Oslo!

Many people are switching to a plant-based diet for climate, and Oslo is even awarded as Europe’s Environmental Capital. Who said Norway was only about lamb in cabbage and meatballs anymore? In Oslo, many cafeterias and restaurants offer vegetarian menus. Here are some of my favorites.

vegetarian eating places in oslo

From breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night platters, and every meat-free snacks in between, I’m sure that you’ll find the very best veggie dining experiences using our Top 7 list as your guide. Here are a few restaurants that offer vegetarian what they’re looking for – with plenty of exciting taste experiences.  Even curious carnivores should agree that the tasty vegetarian options available at these restaurants would please even the most discerning palate!


Palmyra is made by native Sri Lankan food lovers, where they maintain their food traditions. I tried their small, cozy restaurant and chose their vegetarian option. It contains rice With salad, pappadam and various curries. It is a completely vegan option indeed, and quite affordable, only 110 NOK.

As a child in Sri Lanka, we would grow with my mother making so many different types of curries, and we got used to that custom. When we came to Norway, we missed Our traditional Foods and wanted to create the Magic Our mother created. Accordingly, that lead to the creation of Palmyra where we make our most traditional dishes.

Website: Palmyra

Address: Norbygata 15A, 0187 Oslo

Opening Hours: 11-21

Palmyra vegetarian menu, vegetarian restaurants in oslo
Example of how a vegetarian menu for 109 NOK can look like at Palmyra in Oslo.

Source: Palmyra Cafe Oslo Review Tripadvisor


The owners of Punjab Tandoori have opened a new restaurant in Olaf Ryes plass, the best part of Grunerlokka. If you come for lunch, they offer a Vegetarian Thali for only 99 kroner. Three different tasty vegetarian dishes, including rice, nan and salad. Can also be ordered vegan. Vegetarian dishes are changed every day!

If you come for dinner, they have Chef’s vegetarian Thali for 179 kroner. A selection of the chef’s vegetarian dishes that vary from day to day. Served with rice, salad, and plan nan. Round off with today’s dessert.

Website: Theka

Address: Olaf Ryes plass 10, 0552 Oslo

Opening Hours: 15-23 (open from 12 in the weekends)


Since 1992 Krishnas Cuisine has served delicious and affordable vegetarian meals. Indian place located next to Colosseum Cinema in Majorstuen. Lunch deal costs only 130 kroner and Dinner includes 5-course deal for 180 kroner.

Website: Krishnas Cuisine

Address: Sørkedalsveien 10, 0369 Oslo

Krishnas Cuisine vegetarian restaurant

Opening Hours: 11-19 (open to 20 Monday to Friday, completely closed on Sundays)

Source: Tripadvisor Restaurant Review Krishnas Cusine Oslo


Delicious, surprising, convenience – that’s what Nordvegan is striving for. Their Google rating is 4.7 and it is quite impressive. Due to their options change daily, they don’t have a menu. To make your inquiry about their daily menu, call or write them for more details. The price range starting from 105kr for a full meal up to 199kr, so Nordvegan is quite affordable.  

Website: Nordvegan

Address: Kristian IVs gate 15b, 0162 Oslo

Opening Hours: 12-20 (open to 21 on Friday and Saturday)

Source: Tripadvisor Nordvegan Restaurant Review


Tunco has restaurants at several places around in the city and opened recently also inside of the new food market Oslo Street Food. We recommend Ho Chi Minh. Chicken, egg, Kickin’ Oyster sauce, rice noodles, and veggies. Topped with peanuts, coriander, and lime. Regular portion cots 179 kroner.

Website: Tunco

Address: Torggata 16, 0162 Oslo

Tunco Oslo Vegetarian restaurants

Opening Hours: 12-20 (open from 11 on Monday to Friday)

Source: Tunco Wok Restaurant Review Tripadvisor


A little hidden behind Jakob Kulturkirke you will find the entrance to the little green café, in the same building as DOGA. Everything they make is vegan and they also have touches of raw food. The menu is small and varied and they go to great lengths to accommodate you with allergies.

We recommend their Loaded Flatbread for 139 kroner. Flatbread with parsley and basil pesto, fermented tomato ketchup, their own mozzarella, pickled red onion, fresh champignon and rocket leaves. What to drink? Try their kombucha!

Website: Funky Fresh Foods

Address: Hausmanns gate 16, 0182 Oslo

Opening Hours: 11-20 (open until 22 Thursday to Saturday)

Source: Best affordable restaurants in Oslo


Dinner has served food from the Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine in the heart of Oslo since 1989! Traditionally, a Chinese meal includes many dishes that are shared between guests at the table to form a social setting around the meal. Dinner is the place for trying out an authentic Cantonese food experience! I recommend their vegetarian option “Sprø Fristelser” for 175 kroner. A combination of the best seasonal vegetables. Wok-fried with ginger.

Website: Dinner Oslo

Address: Stortingsgate 22, 0182 Oslo

Opening Hours: 11-2230 (open until 23 Monday to Saturday)


We hope you found our list of 7 best vegetarian restaurants in Oslo interesting. We have chosen some restaurants that also serve meat options, but we have tried their vegetarian options there, and found them so good that we really recommend you to try them out! We hope you agree after trying them out too. Feel free to like, comment and share on social media! Also, check out our top list of places to eat Authentic Norwegian Food.