Vapiano opened in Oslo in 2012. Four years later they close the doors! We visited the restaurant before it was too late, and we can tell you why. A restaurant chain that is based on self service and low prices arrived in the capital of Oslo in 2012, and left in 2016. But is there money to save doing the waitress job yourself? And is the food really good? Check our very own review of the Italian restaurant located at Rådhusplassen.

Vapiano closed in Norway, why? Review

Oslo got a new restaurant in the city centre. The restaurant has a great location, close to Aker Brygge and the Akershus fortress. This is the first restaurant in Oslo. Vapiano is already well-known in several European countries. It started in Germany 10 years ago. Their menu consists of Italian food, pizza, pasta and some antipasti dishes.

The entrance is nice and there´s a lady welcoming us in the counter. She gives us a “credit card” each and explains how it works. The ambiance is beautiful with soft lighting and oblong, white-wood table that seats many a time. In the middle of the room, it made room for an ever so small herbarium with green herbs.


We have to order the food directly in the kitchen counter and swipe the the card you got at the entrance for each time. We get a small chip so we can go back to our table and wait there until the food is ready. Then the chip blinks red. It takes only 5 minutes so it is pretty quick.

Mr M ordered Funghi Pasta for 115NOK and had a Coke (33cl) for 40NOK.
The pasta is quite tasty, according to Mr D.

Mr T ordered Pizza Pesto con Spinaci for 95NOK and a free water glass from the tap. The pizza was tasteless, and was the most boring pizza experience Mr T has had for years!

It is an efficient solution having your own card, swipe it every time and then pay when you leave.


Vapiano Restaurant review
  • Food
  • Location
  • Service
  • Price


The food was the biggest con. We think that even vegetarian food could be tasty, but obviously Vapiano can’t make tasty, cheap vegetarian pizza, and the pasta was nothing special. It was a dissapointment. I think we will not go there again. The concept with using your own card was interesting, but Vapiano’s self-service prices are not much cheaper than other restaurants where the waitress come to your table and give you service. We did not feel that we got any extra value for money. Vapiano is known for good value in other countries, but in an expensive country like Norway, it is difficult to do the same thing. Hiring staff, paying restaurant locals in the central area of Oslo and buying food and drinks, everything here is so expensive. The food must stand out, and we didn’t think it was anything special. Even the system with using a card wasn’t convenient! No explanation at the entrance, just another line to wait for getting that card, very annoying… We think it’s sad that they gave up in Norway as we need competition. While Vapiano had a tough time there are other Italian restauarants having success. Here is a list of the most popular Italian restaurants in Oslo. One of them is Villa Paradiso which is very popular. You should check out that place if you want good and tasty Italian food!

This is what a day at Vapiano could look like if you are a bartender or a pasta chef. Follow Gustaf and Camilla, two Vapianisti, at work. We liked the video. It’s a very good production!