Sum A600 development has been completed thereby introducing a new and compact solution that allows connecting USB keyboard devices to Amiga 600 computer.

Sum adapter enables connecting USB HID keyboards to your Amiga. It has been designed for installation inside A600’s casing. Sum is based upon 16-bit Microchip microcontroller.
Sum provides built-in USB stack which enables USB HID keyboards support without the need for installing additional AmigaOS software drivers. Device’s installation procedure consists of simply attaching it the U7 chip located on A600’s motherboard.

Features of Sum A600

– support for both USB HID and USB-PS/2 keyboards,
– A600 compatibility (U7 chip-attached),
– built-in USB stack,
– configuration mode (activated by R-Shift + Pause key combination),
– built-in EEPROM memory enabling user preferences storage,
– „Bootloader” function allowing future firmware upgrades,
– „Status” indicator LED providing information about device’s state,
– built around 16-bit Microchip microcontroller utilizing nanoWatt technology,
– non-blocking keyboard A600

Get USB for your Amiga 600 with Sum A600

Now you can connect USB devices to your Amiga 600, which is the smallest Amiga ever made by Commodore. Because of its age, Amiga 600 was never equipped with USB ports. Sum A600 fixes this issue.

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