I love GTA 5! I played it a lot on my Playstation 3 console, but once it was ported to Playstation 4 and it got first person mode. I decided to quit playing the game. But players of the game didn’t and especially the hardcore fans. So, now they are actually making a USA map design for GTA that a user called MrBossFTW on YouTube have just made a video of.

A map that Could have become an instant Hit
This USA map Design looks really interesting and maybe some of the delvelopers that develops GTA 6 might consider this design? This map design got everything. Cities and over 13 different regions and much more. Our independent minds tells us, that this would be a hit and many users commenting the case also agree with that for sure!

A person with over 100 likes commented “If this was added to gta 5 I would pay $100 easy”. So it seems like this would be a hit! OR how about GTA 6 Scandinavia!? Oslo gone wild?

MrBossFTW on YouTube