google adsense is not safe
Google adsense is not safe – You can be banned with no warning! Small companies should never focus on Google AdSense ! You are not allowed to Earn on Users visiting your site and You are not allowed to promote your site Anywhere

Many people starts their web adventure by register their sites on Google Adsense to get income. But many doesn’t put their time into reading all of the rules that Google got.

Our network of Distrita sites had Google Adsense for almost 10 years. And then like a lightning from the sky. Google gave us a nice Christmas present by disabling our account. And many others have got their Google AdSense account disabled so I decided lighten up.

Loyal or not Google do whatever what they want With you

We at Distrita provided people with more than 3000 articles and we still create new ones everyday. This includes News, Reviews and Interviews. We have followed Google’s advices to make original content with 300 words or more for news articles and more than 2000 words for articles that have a bigger topics. We have used H2 tag, linked to sources and linked internally too.

We have been very loyal since 2009 by following their SEO standards and we used our funds for Fiverr people that helps promoting our site. Yet we got thrown out from Google Adsense with no Explanation from them.

Google LIES to You about email sent to You

Unsafe Ads Service for Serious Website Owners using Google Adsense

In the message above you can see that we got a nice Christmas present from Google.  Our Google Adsense account got Disabled because of invalid clicks? Google writes clearly in the suspension text that they have sent e-mail to our main Distrita e-mail account regarding the account status. But this e-mail isn’t sent at all! It is a lie.

I’ve checked everything on our account. In our spam folder etc. But nothing. However, when I tried to complain to Google, then they managed to send us an confirmation mail saying this:



This message confirms that we’ve received your appeal submission.

We’ll get to your appeal as soon as we can, though due to the high volume
of emails we receive, it may take us up to a week or more to process it. If
you’ve previously submitted an appeal for this account, you might not
receive a response to this or future appeals.

Also, please be aware that appealing the disabling of your AdSense account
does not guarantee that it will be reinstated.

If you have any questions or concerns about accounts disabled for invalid
activity, please visit

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

But that complaint didn’t help us at all. With help we got to understand that this answer text from Google is just a generic answer and that no one at Google have looked at our chase at all. Google which is so big seems to ignore every possibility in having human contact with you. They fully trust their AI system?

Anyway. I got a answer from Google AdSense Team a few days later saying this:


Thank you for your appeal. We appreciate your continued interest in the AdSense program. However, after thoroughly reviewing your account and taking into consideration the information that you have provided, our specialists have confirmed that we are unable to reinstate your AdSenseaccount.

Please note that your account will not receive further payments nor any reissue of previous payments. Your outstanding balance and Google‘s share of the revenue will both be fully refunded to the affected advertisers. You are not eligible for further participation in the AdSense program due to violation of our Terms of Service, so you may not create new accounts.

We understand that you may want more information about your account activity, however, in order to protect our proprietary detection systems, we are unable to provide further details. Thank you for understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

This is a generic answer as well. Trying to get someone at Google to look at our chase seems impossible. Google doesn’t care about YOU. Because you need to follow they terms and if you do something that their AI bots doesn’t like. You get kicked out.


Google says they want more serious content on-line. But instead they block people without users of Google AdSense having any right to complain and if you complain you can only do that once. If you try to write back again you just get another generic answer that the decision is taken.

New sites got No Chance to get readers without Help

In the Terms, Google AdSense have very strict rules about invalid clicks. We have followed them. We have never clicked on the ads on our sites. But we have used services thru Fiverr that helps sites getting traffic and hopefully clicks.

Without services like the ones on Fiverr. These new sites got no chance. How else is the new sites going to be known by people? These makes ads that people clicks on and then stays on your site reading topics that they like. We have read about clickfarms that many is using, but we have been very clear on this.

Fiverr got hundreds of Google AdSense services that is there to help newcomers getting a nicer start. Once your site is at a bigger stage. Funds can be used to get sponsors and give the site many followers. But Google is simply doing it Unsafe to use their Google AdSense service. You never know Why your account is disabled. You have nothing to say if you get thrown out.

That’s why Distrita sites have chosen to go for other services such as and Propellerads. We had to re-think our strategy. Google AdSense started to give us great income since September. But on 28th of November they choose to disable our account.


Unsafe Ads Service for Serious Website Owners using Google Adsense

Never choose Google if you Need someone to Guide you

With this closure, Google made us write this article about their service which we must reveal is totally Unsafe. At we have a manager that helps you. He answers your questions and its the same with PropellerAds.

In our conclusion is that Google is a nice service worldwide, but once you’ve got some issues with them. It is almost impossible to get in contact with them if you’re not a CEO in a big business company or have contact with a business man with many contacts inside Google. Then your chances to get anything changed is minimal.

Thanks to Google for showing us alternatives. Our sites are full of serious content. We’ve never made sites for just making people to click on our banners. NO! Our sites are sites with meaningful articles about what our writers love to write about.

And thanks to You for reading and sharing our content.



Source: Distrita Own Experience





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