In USA, or better United States of America. They like to play Football, but Football there is not the same as Football in Europe. American Football is sort of violent game but with lots of players having full protection. American Football is also almost impossible to understand. I have been watching Super Bowl almost every year, but I just watch for the fun of it.

Soccer is different. The ball is round for one, but the soccer (football) players doesn’t wear any important protections really. So the fight about the ball can result in broken legs and arms. The game itself isn’t dangerous though, but when the players wants so desperate to play its best, sometimes the result can be fatal. But all in all its a safe game :).

Well, now USA have got into World Cup with their Football (Soccer) team. Tonight USA will play against Belgium at 22.00CET (Central European Time). If USA wins this, the Soccer interest will for sure boost interest in the so called American Football country.

Distrita wishes both USA and Belgium a fair fight tonight.

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