We wrote about saveyoutube.com some few days ago. Here is another one. First of all, Umplayer is’snt only for saving youtube movies to your computer. It’s much more than that. If you know VLC Player from before, Um player is like that + a whole lot more. We have tested it for pc.
We have earlier used VLC, Splash Lite, Real Player, GOM Player, Quicktime, Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player. Among the we have preferred VLC because it is easy to use, light and doesn’t need to have plugin downloads. But maybe the time with VLC as the default player is over. The installation process takes maybe a little bit longer than VLC, but when it first is ready, you will not feel it is slow. The program opens immediately, and all movies we have tested opens faster than what we are used to. Even on a very slow computer with an old celeron processor we could play divx 1080p and mkv 720p without any problems. That didn’t work with VLC! Good bye, chopping and lags!

Um player is easy to use. The user interface is nice and you can even download skins to make your player more personal.

Among features there are lots! For example, when you start playing a movie, you can search for subtitles from OpenSubtitles.org directly inside of the application! And when you choose your language the subtitle is downloading and shows automatically for the movie! This is a brilliant feature!

It also has a youtube function. There is a record button and if you click that button before you start to see a video, Um player makes it possible to view the video inside of the program in case you are offline later. We prefer saveyoutube.com for saving youtube videos to your computer or mobile phone. But we think that Um player could be a tough challenge for VLC and other media players.

Um player works for Windows, Linux and Mac (soon) and is totally free. You can download your Umplayer version here.