With 534 points, Ukraine won Europes hearts. It was a long-lasting thriller, where most of viewers actually thought that Australia would win. But that was after when the jury points were done… Still the viewers votes weren’t counted for, so that ended with Ukraine.

Jamala’s song is about the Tartar deportations, done by Stalin in 1944 from Krim. The very same part of Ukraine that Russia just got two years ago. It seems like this song gathered more feelings than the music itself. Personaly, I got a bit more glad in the song at the end yesterday. But today and also earlier yesterday. This song wasn’t really catchy at all and here you can read our total verdict of Ukraine’s Eurovision Song Contest contribution.

Here is the official Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Final score
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Ukraine – an important political message, but that’s it

We think that Jamala’s song called 1944 gives lots of feelings and tears because of the topic it brings up, but that’s just it. The song jumped over Australia that was in the lead. Jamala got a spectacular voice, but when the melody got almost no passion to her voice, then the songs message somehow fades away. 1944 won’t be a song that people will remember at all and its sad, because she could have done it to something much more special.

Poland won Peoples hearts, not the Jury
After the jury voters were done. We got the impression of that Australia won and that Michal from Poland with his song Color Of Your Life would fail. But! The peoples votes changed the table totally. Yes! Poland landed at 8th place with 229 points. Amazing jump and a song that shows how much different jury and people of Europe can be.

Germany got 11 Points
One song that both jury and people didn’t appreciate was Germany’s song. Jamie-Lee with her song Ghots got only 11 point that we at Distrita also fully agree with as the song was simply not what she wanted it to be. If she only took the whole look into an jpop song… Then it would be amazing maybe? Another song that was not top of the pop was the Russia’n song that from our perspectiva was almost a pure copy of Månz Zelmerlöw’s Heroes winner song. Not good, but his performance was fantastic and it brought Russia on a high Top 3 with 491 points!

If there is a spectacular voice that should have got way more points, then we think that Croatia with Lighthouse that got only 73 points or even Poland that got 229 points would have won. Even Norway that lost semi-final, should have been one that would have won. Agnete’s song is also very sensitive, but it made my mind remember every part of the song. Same with the Polish song. Australia’s song was good, but it was just a very good pop song. It did bring a very strong voice to the scene, but Michal from Poland made my heart really love his song.

Ukraine – Jamala with 1944

Next Year

So, in 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Ukraine it seems. What will we witness then is just for everyone to dream or discuss. Distrita thanks everyone that have been reading our Eurovision coverage. More updates on how next years Eurovision Song Contest will be, you will get it much faster from now on Distrita. Keep on loving listening to all kinds of music!