The cuisine of Tabasco is extensive, varied and with a very personal touch, is a kitchen of a somewhat exotic Tabasco, The delights of Eden is a true reflection of soil and water, creativity and inventiveness of its people, fully demonstrated in international table. Tabasco regional cuisine is varied and extensive thanks to the ancient Mayan and Chontales

recipes, why do I am pleased to make it known, as tabasco has many riches and is born from the sea and grows from the ground “and it could not miss the delights of Eden
Regarding the sweet typical of Tabasco, it is noteworthy:
Sisguaj: sweet corn cake, of prehispanic origin, is one of the most traditional sweets state.

Sweet papaya with shredded coconut
Sweet and toasted shredded coconut
Nance Dulce
Sweet coconut with pineapple or sweet potatoes wrapped in sheet joloche
Sweet banana with honey (Cha’t t’jaas)
Plantain bread
Cassava fritters
Tortillas coconut: Tortillas toast and sweet taste.
Plantains stuffed with meat or cheese
Marshmallow sugar or brown sugar
Merengón (merengue soursop)
Queques: Biscuit flour and brown sugar, with wavy edge.
Panetela: spongy bread
Papin: Bread made with milk, egg and cinnamon.
chocolatestypical sweets from the region of tabasco