As a huge fan of Abroad In Japan creator Chris Abroad. I am watching almost all of his YouTube productions such as Abroad In Japan (1.44 Million Subscribers) but this is his more personal YouTube channel. He is really talented and it shows in his productions. In these productions, he often includes Natsuki, which is really awesome. You can read about the movie which we made an article about here.

I have written about Only In Japan productions which are made by John here before too. These are very nice YouTubers that make quality documentaries on YouTube for people to watch.

Two Micro Pacman Games Tested

Natsuki is Chris’s funny brother-alike-friend which he has made famous because of his original way of saying things in English.

In the video above they are testing out two micro Pacman games. Both are small but one of them is micro micro arcade game machine in size. I think this is a funny video because I am both interested in these two funny characters and I also love Retro Gaming too.

This video of them playing and trying out these micro arcade machines shows a more personal side of Chris and Natsuki.

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