This news is big for me as writer for Distrita, because we have to deliver this news to all of you which I know loves TV1000. This movie channel started its life in 1989 and was ment for Scandinavia since the start. Now Viasat have anounced that TV1000 will change its name and profile on 1st of March to Viasat Film.

TV1000 was together with FilmNet, the channel that always battled with the Norwegian censorship because of their porn showcase from midnight everynight. But TV1000 is not all porn. This channel have been showing big blockbuster movies both American, European and even lots of Scandinavian movies. TV1000 did also show big boxing events around the globe. In the mornings and at other times, this channel have also shown lots of good quality cartoons for kids. Its a sad anouncement to see TV1000 gone, because its always been part of the Scandinavian TV history.