The very first Norwegian commercial tv channel got launched on 5th of December 1988. At a time when NRK (national broadcaster) had almost all of the marked. Sky Channel and Super Channel did broadcast to Norway to those which were lucky to have cable tv. This and that the Norwegian government allowed in 1988 private companies to start private tv channels.

TV Norge started together with a tv channel that many have forgotten, Norsk TV1. TV Norge bought Norsk TV1 and they become one in 1990.

The channel started up with only 50 000 NOK. The very first broadcast was a live variety show from Oslo Cabaret with Swedish singer Lill Babs and Norwegian pop group Tomboy as musical guests. Now the channel is owned by Discovery Communications. So, you can say that TV Norge isn’t Norwegian anymore.

Other interesting notes is that TV Norge was Norways very first tv channel to broadcast in High Definition, which happened on 3rd of October 2008. Since 2009 TV Norge have also be broadcasting its own productions in HD.

Worldwide, TV Norge is most known for having Ylvis (talk show), which is done by Vegard Ylvisåker and Bård Ylvisåker. This autumn they came up with a promo video for Ylvis, which they called “The Fox”. Out of nowhere, this song became hit, then mega hit and now over 100 million viewers have seen it on YouTube.

On the other side of the positive news, TV Norge is known in Norway for be the tv channel that have broken most commercial rules in Norway. Often, TV Norge have had too long commercial breaks. Another commercial related case, was that before TV Norge stopped with showing Aktuelt (News), TV Norge always interrupted movies with Aktuelt (News) and Været (Weather) by 20 minutes. So viewers as me and others, forgot what the movie was about. Still TV Norge continued with it, which made TV Norge not so popular.

TV Norge is known in Norway for be a channel that have given Norwegian many types of talk shows. Most ever known before Ylvis was Casino with Halvard Flatland. Then they had a program called Reisesjekken (love and relationship talk show) which was very popular. TV Norge also brought Big Brother to Norway, with it bringing first couple to have sex live on tv in Norway. Then I have to mention 71″Nord, which is a reality-tv concept of a group walking in the forest, water and skiing from southern part of Norway to the northern part of Norway. People gets voted out on almost each episode. A bit like Robinson, just much more Norway orientated.


TV Norge is also known for showing Heia Tufte. A reality-tv concept where bunch of nerds is trained in Football (Soccer). A concept which really was popular. Shame that TV Norge only had one season of it. Which is one thing TV Norge might not understand, but they have often started shows and canceled them too fast because too low viewer ratings. Sometimes I wish that TV Norge gave the concepts a bit more time. Instead they fill the gaps with yet another reality-tv concepts from USA and UK.

All in all. I as a very media interested person, wants to send a big thanks to all that have given TV Norge a life in 25 years, and hopefully 25 more years. TV Norge deserves lots of positive words, even though I have some negative ones here and there. They have tried and tries to do new things. That is great, but the channel is still a USA channel most of the time outside of prime-time. I hope that they will change on this. Anyway. Happy Birthday to TV Norge on 5th of December 2013 from Distrita and me especially.


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