TVNorges own company SBS Discovery has never been higher revenue than last year. The CEO of TV Norge, Harald Strømme received a total income of 17.9 million Norwegian Kroner, which is $2771008 USD. That is way more than its workers. Mr. Strømme got an extra bonus of 12.2 million for the completed sale of TV Norge group of German ProSiebenSat1 to U.S. Discovery Communications last summer. With regular payment, regular bonuses and sales bonus Mr. Strømme got a total income of 17.9 million last year. It makes him the highest paid media manager in Norway.

Why do we get bad programs on TV then? They only broadcast Reality-TV and American sidcom. TV Norge have also got rid of the news. Seems like the TV media in Norway is just about earning most and giving the viewers bad shows. Is it like that in your country also? Send us mail!?


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