TV Norge cancel Ari and Per program

TV Norge is one of the biggest commercial TV channels in Norway. A channel that have roots since 1988 and have many quality productions like Casino, Travel hookup (Reisesjekken) and Big Brother. TV Norge also had news since the beginning, but stopped that few years back.

TV Norge is also known for stopping programs that doesn’t get enough viewers and now Ari (part of Norwegian royal family) and Per travel program is canceled this autumn. They state that the show will be back in spring, but still… Its cowardly to cancel something just because it out of sudden doesn’t have viewers and isn’t a program that fits TV Norge right now. TV Norge should have put this show together with Brille, which is another program that have been moved from the commercial free NRK (which is like BBC).

Distrita loves that TV Norge actually have programs like Ylvis, which really takes of everywhere with their song The Fox. But to cancel programs because they don’t fit into TV Norge programs? That should have been chosen before they started to show the program or move it within other programs that is in the same category.

If some at TV Norge reads this, I hope they think before act next time.


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