There is something wrong going on within TV measurement accuracy. Here in Norway we have three major measurement companies. These are TNS Gallup, MMI and Norstat, but the one which have media statistics is TNS Gallup.

How to measure TV viewing

One thing you can do is to call several people and ask the what they watch. Other thing is that you can give different candidates a box that tells the measurement company what channels these candidates is watching. OR! You can make questions thru the web.

When calling others and asking questions, you can get an amount of viewers in one day. There will always be people who isn’t at home or won’t answer at all. So to be precise. You can get about 500 answers per evening of what people is watching thru telephone. The rest is numbers from the TV box and from the web questions. This will be maybe 2000-3000 people all together. So, Distrita questions how a TV show like Nytt på Nytt here in Norway can get over 1 000 000 views rating in a country with only 5 000 000 people. Where does the 1 000 000 number come from? Does 1 000 000 or so have a TV box in every living room or what?

Maybe this number is part of all of the Nytt på Nytt shows. But they also get these huge numbers for the first show in any season also. So how is these numbers generated?

Sure you can get some statistics out of calling, but it doesn’t give full stats number. It would be interesting to see how stats is actually got.

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