You think that when youre going to buy a new tv that the newest standards that the tv seller at the store is actually the best option for you. But! If you dont want to be tricked. Then our advice is to actually check about the tvs in advance on-line. Just check!

TV sellers always tries to Trick You

It really doesnt matter what you choose these days. Because all of the standards since 1080p is actually very good. Sure, if you are really into the geeky side of life. 4K is fantastic.. and even 8K which is already a standard in Japan is even ultra fantastic. But in reality it is not something that you need.

HDR standard came also. So, this feature is said to give you white color which is more white, black which is much more black and also deeper colors. But I do remember when I got my 720p LCD tv back in 2005 that the TV seller also told me what got more black color.. well.. its not color, but I bring this word into this article because most see it as a color, except for designers etc!

For every new standard feature that is released. The tv seller that you meet in the tv or electronic store will say that this feature gives you better black depth, better colors etc. But in reality. All of the TVs that is sold to you now in 2017 is for sure all great. You really dont need that 8K ultra expensive tv to get great entertainment experience in your living room at home!

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Buy the TV that fits your design Criteria

So! Instead of getting tricked by the tv seller which talks about all the technical stuff that the newest and most expensive tv got. You can actually today get a very nice tv for more than half of the most expensive tv that the electronic store got.

The cheapest tv that the electronic store can be as good or in many cases even better than the most expensive one. It might even have equipment that is older which works that the newest and more expensive tv have replaced with a cheaper component. Then if you pay 25000 NOK and your friend buys one for 5000 NOK. You will feel pretty bad if your expensive tv stops working and you need to fix it. Then its way better to pay 5000 for your tv and if that one stops working and you will need to fix it. You wont feel that ashamed.

So! Buying a tv today is not about 1080p, 4K, HDR or even 8K. Its rather about what TV do you like? The design? The looks? Does it support standing on a wall or not. Thats what you should think about. So! Do not even think of going for that expensive tv today. Today,.. all of the tvs produces so much quality. 1080p which is the lowest standard is beautiful to look at. Even my 720p tv from 2005 which still is alive produces great picture in 720p.

So, choose wisely. Dont get tricked when buying a new tv.

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