Tunnels Proposed for Houston USA Flooding

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After the devastations made by Hurricane Harvey, flood control became a biggie issue for Houston area in United States of America.

Tunnels Proposed to Drain Flood Waters

On Tuesday this week, Harris County Flood Control District Officials is looking into the possibility of building massive underground tunnels to drain flood waters from bayous across Houston. These tunnels will be able to take the huge amount of water that comes with every flood that hits the city and they are becoming more frequent in the recent years.

“I’m for doing this study because they are at least checking it out and seeing if it’s worth it see if it will work and they aren’t just rushing into it,” Ethan Zierath said.

This study alone will cost about $400,000 and should be completed by October 2018. It is needed for protecting the citizens and companies in Houston.

“$400,000 doesn’t equate to the amount of people who would be displaced,” Helen Lepien said.

May the force be there for Houston citizens as next flood might be just around the corner

Now the Harris County Flood Control District Officials i Houston is hoping for a green light regarding this project before its too late.


After experiencing a 500 year flood, three years in a row, Houstonians are definitely ready for a change. To build such tunnel is very wise thinking and is going to protect the city or at least give much less destruction while a flood happens. Humans can build and team up if they want to.

Save thousands by building this tunnel project we at Distrita thinks.


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