Healthy Summer Drinks that are meant for warm summer days! This yummy cucumber cocktail is easy to prepare, and vegan too! Check out this delicious cucumber summer drink recipe on

It might seem like we’re quite the lush pair here at Minimalist Baker, but that really isn’t the case. We simply enjoy a quality cocktail every now and again, especially when it’s light, delicious and easy to make. This cucumber cooler is no exception.

 cucumber summer drink recipe

In the hot summer months, why aren’t we drinking cucumber in all our drinks? Cucumber lemonade, cucumber coolers, cucumber cocktails, cucumber everything.

Apparently, I’m not alone in my thirst quenching quest because there are a plethora of stellar cucumber drink recipes out there just waiting to cool down your summer. To keep you hydrated and happy, I rounded up the best cucumber drink recipes around so you can stay cool as a cucumber all summer long.

Do you want more inspiration for how to prepare cucumber summer drink?

Okay, I know this one probably sounds a little weird, but trust me. It’s good. Really good. Eye popping, wow, surprisingly good. Especially on a scorchingly hot summer day.

Agua frescas are refreshing fruit drinks they sell all over Mexico, and that you can find in this country at almost any taqueria. They’re cooling and sweet and are great alongside spicy food. This particular agua fresca is made with cucumbers, fresh limes, and mint

use cucumber in your summer drinks
It’s time to use cucumber in your summer drinks!

The key is using fresh ingredients that reflect the season you’re in. In the summer, perhaps a paloma out of grapefruit juice for some citrusy fun? Or add some herbs to your cocktail shaker for a fresh and verdant drink. But if you’re really looking to beat the heat, try incorporating the coolest ingredient of all — cucumber.

These 15 cocktail recipes are just the ticket when you want to escape the summer sun, according to Brit.

Cucumber can be used for much more than food and drinks

Did you know that you can remove dark circles naturally? All you need is a cucumber! Cold slices of cucumber will reduce swelling and inflammation as well.