Many don’t know about the Metro on Mallorca as it is quite hidden from most of the tourist guides. It is a 9 station Metro line that connects the center of Palma (the biggest city on Mallorca which is part of Spain). 8 of the stations are underground so this line feels much more like an underground service. Maybe it is?

A unique Metro service to Try out

An underground service usually got the third rail power and its system is usually not compatible with other types of services. But the service in Palma uses the same tracks and power as the M2 and Train Lines. It is a hidden gem for railway enthusiasts even as it is quite new and not many media in English have written about this service. You might have been on this island even without knowing about this line too?

M1 Metro line shares Tracks with M2 and Train Lines

Metro M1 Stations

  • Estació Intermodal Plaça d’Espanya
  • Jacint Verdaguer
  • Son Costa/Son Fortesa
  • Son Fuster Vell
  • Son Castelló
  • Gran Via Asima
  • Camí dels Reis
  • Son Sardina
  • UIB

The M1 Metro line runs from Plaça d’Espanya main station in the city center. This is a huge station that got two Metro lines and also regular train services connecting several places on Mallorca.

M1 Metro line shares the underground stations together with M2 from Plaça d’Espanya to Son Costa-Son Fortesa where it splits. From here until the end of the line it is only M1 Line that uses the next 4 underground stations before all of the travelers with the Metro can witness that it goes above to the ground at Son Sardina station.

From the Son Sardinia station, you can take the heritage and historic touristic Sóller train. A nice tip for tourists is that you can actually take the M1 Metro line to this station and then you can take the train service further to Sóller or back to the city center. This train is very slow so our huge advice is that you can save lots of time by switching to the Metro at Son Sardinia station. It is a gem tip you don’t get anywhere else!

After the Son Sardinia the M1 Metro line goest to UIB – Universitat de les Illes Balears which is also underground. So Son Sardinia is the only overground station on the line.

M2 Metro Line was introduced in 2013

Metro M2 Line Stations

  • Estació Intermodal Plaça d’Espanya
  • Jacint Verdaguer
  • Son Costa/Son Fortesa
  • Son Fuster
  • Son Cladera/es Vivero
  • Verge de Lluc
  • Es Pont d’Inca
  • Es Pont d’Inca Nou
  • Polígon de Marratxí
  • Marratxí

In March 2013, the public transportation authorities in Palma also introduced the M2 Metro line. It was introduced as an urban service running every 20 minutes between Plaça d’Espanya main station in the city center and Marratxí. But this line is sharing the regional line to Inca. This line uses the same Class 81 EMUs trains from CAF that is also in service on the regional line to Inca.

The M2 Metro Line shares 3 underground stations with M1 Metro Line. So between Plaça d’Espanya main station in the city center and Son Costa-Son Fortesa both ways. The ticket system in Palma supports both of them. After Son Costa-Son Fortesa the line goes overground and got 7 stations. The final stop on this line before it returns to Marratxí station. In total this line got 10 stations.

The view over Palma. The biggest city on Mallorca island which belongs to Spain in Europe.

Affordable Travel in Palma with the Metro

The price of a single Metro ticket is €1.45, although the rate depends on the origin and destination you choose. There are passes for 20 trips –costing €16.80–, and for 40 trips –costing €25.20.Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (SFM): It seems that there is no duration on these tickets. After doing lots of research it seems like you have to choose between a single and a return ticket. There is also no possibility to use more than one transit travel at a time. It means you can’t use your single ticket on a bus after using the Metro.

For most bus rides the fare you pay only €1.50, and €10 for the 10-ride tourist bus pass, which cannot be topped up.

Trains are the most convenient option in Palma
The choice of whether to buy several single tickets or a transport pass will depend on the time you’re planning to spend in the city. Please do check the map for Mallorca. If the trains run to the place you want to visit then its way more affordable and Much faster to travel to that destination. Remember that you only find highways around Palma on the island.

Other important Tickets in Palma

  • The single ticket to Palma airport is €5.
  • The fare for the night bus is €1.50. The 30-day unlimited Travel Card costs €37

So you can get around in Palma and on Mallorca with the Metro or trains. This can save you a lot when travel. The only thing you should know is the fact that the single tickets cant be used for transfer which is something that is the only negative. But all in all the services that TIB gives are great.

The cathedral in Palma on Mallorca is majestic and a very nice place to visit for sure!

For more information about getting around in Palma, check the TIB website for more info. Their service is also in English!

Source: TIB website, Spain’s official tourism website