Today, all media is full of NSA and its abuse of everyones personal life. Windows is even filled with NSA information in their Log tool. Microsoft says that they want to move servers outside of USA.

Well, there is one computer that have never died really. It is Amiga. Yes, the computer from 1985 which will turn 30 next year. Have a fully openminded operating system. Linux or UNIX is great alternatives to try, but Amiga is user-friendly. The Ethernet stacks for Amiga is made by people which you know. Also AmigaOS can have different Ethernet stacks. You don’t need to have a Ethernet stack from Microsoft or Apple which have provided lot’s of info to NSA. You can use AmiTCP, Miami or even the newest Roadshow.

Amiga gives the users choices. The problem though, is that Amigan’s tends to scare users away because Amigan’s is often seen as fanatics. But if you look at the serious side of it, Amiga people tries to alert people. Because Amigan’s have the interest in that its community will grow again.

The only Microsoft program ever made for Amiga, is Amiga Basic and its not in AmigaOS since AmigaOS 2.x. Everything else is done by smaller companies. This doesn’t mean that Amiga software quality is worse, its just different. Sure, that AmigaOS today lacks certain things, but if people started to use Amiga again. More software of todays standards would be available.

Amiga have webkit browser, which supports HTML5, WordPress, Google maps and it’s mail and document sites. You can post things on Facebook, Google+ or LiveJournal. You can use ImageFX, TVPaint, Photogenics for photo manipulation and drawing. You can use Audio Soundstudio and DigiBooster for music making. You can watch all sorts of moviefiles with MPlayer, Frogger and VLC. You can listen to music with MPlayer, AmigaAMP etc. You can program in an easy way with Hollywood and make the software runable on Windows, OSX and Amiga.

Yes, you have Linux as a choice, but Amiga is made for you since 1985. AmigaOS have always ment to be a Multimedia OS for the user. It isn’t ment for NSA or Google to control it. It is ment that you as a user have a free enviroment and can control it. Not the OS that controls you, but you controls it.

Please consider alternatives. Control the things you have is much better than be controlled by someone which you don’t know.