For us Norwegians, we tend to trust media. and tend to try to reveal the right weather. But as Distrita have revealed, those weather forecast websites isn’t always trustfully. especially  have always predicted too much rain, and just recently they apologized that they have predicted too much rain within the last 2 years.

How about now? The weather system was going to be repaired, but still I notice wrong temperature numbers and signs for what is coming. The weather forecasts are only predictions of what can happen. Distrita tends to look at 5 days forecasts and then think a bit, as the numbers can suddenly change drastic.

One example. Almost all last week, predicted 22C today. Then this day arrives, and its 26C .. Also many visitors to the Canary Islands have told media many times, that predicts are wrong in most cases. Seems like computing models and weather isn’t compatible always.

Weather is interesting, isn’t it? .. Follow us for more news.