Before Cities Skylines, the people behind the humongous hit Cities Skylines did a game series called Cities In Motion and Cities In Motion 2. Especially the second edition did have trolley buses. You know, those buses that uses power from wires above it. It is the next healthy thingy for a city to have next to a great tram system. I remember to love the trolley bus system in Cities In Motion 2.. So to see this MOD giving Cities Skylines that transit option. Is really cool!

Trolley Bus Median Road extends Trolleybus to Median Roads in Cities Skylines

Blackwolf is the nickname of the creator of Trolley bus Road MOD extension for Cities Skylines. Before, he have made Trolleybus Road which is loved by many it seems. He also have made One Way versions of his Trolleybus pack. But now, you can also get them running on Median roads! He is really good at what he is doing. Looks really great!

Download Blackwolf’s Trolley bus Road MODs in this recommended order

1. Trollyebus Road (this adds Trolley bus pantograph to regular roads in your Cities Skylines city)

2. Trolleybus One Way (this adds Trolley bus pantograph to one way roads in your Cities Skylines city)

3. Trolley Bus Median Road (this adds Trolley bus pantograph to median road. Gives nice pantograph to the median road too in your Cities Skylines city)

Check out Blackwolf’s Trolley bus and other MOD addons for Cities Skylines on Steam here

Trolley Bus Returns to Cities Skylines

It’s really cool to see this MOD. Also the buses that comes with the package looks nice too. Cities In Motion 2 is a great game too. Especially if you have a MacBook or a PC that doesn’t have today’s gaming power. Cities In Motion 2 requires much less.

With this MOD, your Cities Skylines city will become even more healthier. It would be cool if Paradox could add this as a standard to the game too. This is a transportation method that is used in several cities around the globe. The new electric buses which is out now is not the same at all I think, although they are better than the diesel and petrol buses for sure.




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