An important part of planning a trip is to dream and think about traveling.

Traveling is so much more than the actual trip itself.

Planning a trip can be very time-consuming. There are so many details that need to be planned.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a structure? We will help you to plan your next holiday!

There’s a jungle of information on the web regarding travel and destinations to discover. Where to begin?

How to get inspiration

Whether we are searching the internet for inspiration on future trips, putting together a photo album of our past trips, or cooking our favorite dishes from abroad, it certainly can bring new motivation for future travel experiences.

We can almost feel we are somewhere else while we are doing these travel-inspired things. At these moments we really wished we could pack our suitcase and go right away!

  • Have a search of your favorite destination on Youtube. Find an inspiring vlogger and you may find an exciting place you want to visit. Make sure to subscribe, and come back often to check out new content. This way, you will keep your travel dream alive!
  • Check out Pinterest for some cool travel boards and follow some of the influencers you like. You can also check out Instagram and Facebook. There are plenty of talented people that give you new dimensions and goals for your next trip!
  • Make a search in Google on where to go could also be a great way to get an overview of interesting travel blogs and websites.
  • Nothing is like a physical, old book! Order some helpful travel guidebooks on Amazon or eBay. Make also sure to subscribe to some travel magazines.

Avoid being stressed and overwhelmed while planning your trip

You will easily be stressed and confused in the process of searching for travel. Maybe there will be several different transportation methods involved, like flights with stopovers, different time zones to manage. You may need several hotels during the trip while you are traveling. Every day should be enjoyable and you will make sure that discover what each place has to offer. You may look for excursions and one-day activities at every place.

Using Pebblar

With Pebblar I can add the cities I want to include in my journey. It will automatically suggest the different ways to get there. E.g let’s say I want to go to Madrid, Spain from Oslo, Norway. I get listed all the ways to travel there.

  • By Plane: 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • By Car: 30 hours and 47 minutes (2971 km)
  • By bus: 44h 15 minutes
  • Or by ferry 20 hours

You also get the possibility to add:

  • the dates you want to stay there
  • the hotels or accommodation while staying there
  • all your places you want to visit, like museum, sights, restaurants, and shops
using Pebblar for travel planning
Pebblar is a great travel planning tool

Using Momondo

The task of planning doesn’t need to be overwhelming. My order process that makes travel planning easy:

  • Do a search on, it’s one of the places I always use for getting a quick overview of flights and overnight stays. I like the user interface on Momondo. It’s easy to use and intuitive. In addition to Momondo, I always do a second search in Kayak that could have better or cheaper options sometimes. These search engines will discover whether you should use the same airline back and forth or if it’s better to split the trip.
Momondo lets you compare the flights so that you make sure to save money on your travel
Momondo gives you a quick overview of the best flights (fastest and cheapest options – number of stops) and also hotels and places to stay.

Do another search on This website provides door-to-door travel information. You can simply type in your departure destination and your arrival place. In a few seconds, you have a complete overview of the different transportation methods to choose from. There is also a booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world.

Enter any location – such as address, landmark, or city as your destination and they will instantly display all your travel and booking options, along with full information about accommodation and things to do, in one convenient spot!

Rome2rio shows where to go easily
Use Rome2Rio to find the transportation methods, including flight, train, bus, rental car, ferry or rideshare. Screenshot:

Whether you’re after flight, train, bus, ferry, rideshare, or rental car info, we’ve got estimated prices, journey durations, and booking details from over 5000 companies in more than 160 countries – making us one of the top online travel resources used globally.

After traveling the world since I was a teenager, I have planned endless trips and vacations for myself, friends, and even group tours. Since I was a student, prices did matter, and I learned there was actually huge savings to be found, just by doing some simple research. However, that helped me develop an efficient checklist that ensures I don’t miss anything important during the trip planning process.

A well-planned trip pays out less stress and more enjoyment while traveling!

In an effort to help you get out the door and into the world, I’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to plan a trip from A to Z. It should be helpful for all kinds of trips and no matter how long you’re going for! Simply follow this checklist and you’ll be off in zero time!

Ask yourself first: Where to go?

Maybe you have a birthday soon or maybe an anniversary? If you have anything to celebrate, what is better than celebrating it with a vacation to a new and exciting place. Ask yourself first, where do you want to go? You may need some time to sort it out. Many people make a bucket list of cool places they want to see in their life, and I think it’s a cool idea.

Writing down goals and lists makes you sure not to forget them. Going on holiday is the best time of the year for most people, so make sure you pick places that you really want to see. If you book the trip early (weeks or months in advance) you will have an extra reason every morning to wake up – you can think of your upcoming trips! It always makes me happy when I know that I will soon be able to travel again! Finding a cool destination that is worth visiting is crucial and you should pay attention to where it will be.

It’s a lot easier to mentally get behind “I am going to Paris in the summer” than “I’m going to Europe” or “I’m going somewhere.” Not only will your trip become more concrete for you and easier to commit to, but it will make planning easier as well…because you know what to work towards. Get specific with your plans. Get detailed. The more focused and concrete your goal, the easier it will be to actually reach it.

Just make it happen! Don’t tell your friends: “I’m planning to go on on holiday somewhere…” Include your destination – and you will commit yourself – and it will happen!

I’m going to Bangkok on holiday soon!

This makes it clear where you plan to go.

Resources for picking your travel destination:

Price comparison

Travel budget

Have you already prepared a travel budget? Maybe you are smart and save some of your salaries to your own travel savings account? It’s absolutely recommended, especially if your work doesn’t pay out a dedicated vacation check. If you are able to leave anything between 5-15% of your salary every month into “leisure and holidays to be used in the future”, you don’t need to worry about the money. And you can focus on where to go, instead.

Ask yourself: Can I afford to have a vacation soon?

Decide the length of your journey

The budget may answer my next question for you: How long are you going away for? Yeah, because of the money can afford to decide the length of your break. Are you a person that prefers to have many shorter breaks through the year or is it better for you to have a longer break at once? The time you can spend away from the office also decides how far you can go. E.g. a trip from New York to Thailand doesn’t make sense if you have only 1 week before you need to be back.

You will spend too many hours just on the flights, maybe even connecting flights and stopovers. A flight far away also costs more than a trip nearby. But if you can stay in a place with lower living costs than at home that will also matter, especially if you are going to stay there for a long time.

Ask yourself these 2 crucial questions:

  • Do you want to have a short trip or a long trip?
  • How many days, weeks, or months are you going to travel?

I’m going to spend 3 months in Thailand next year!

This is a super clear statement. You don’t only include the destination, but also how long you plan to stay there and when you intend to go.

Find out the costs of living where you plan to stay

I like to compare the cost of living on It’s a cost of living calculator, and I like to use this one to get a better understanding of how the economy is in different parts of the world. Choose between categories like food, transportation, housing, and clothes and see how much you can save on certain items! Maybe you need to update your wardrobe? Take the opportunity to buy some new clothes while you are away!

Ask yourself: How much money do I need to save for my expected trip?

Expatistan is a great site to compare countries and the ranking between the cheapest and the most expensive countries.

Use the numbers you find for each cost and plot them in an excel spreadsheet. Calculate and make sure you have included everything you need for your trip.

Find someone to travel with

It depends who you choose to travel with, but I will say that I have shared the best travel experiences with my friends. Sometimes it’s good to be alone, but in most cases, you can have more fun if you have friends with you. This depends also a little bit on how social you are. Some people have no difficulties reaching out to strangers in bars and saying hi, while others would never take the first step.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is if you are going to bring friends with you or do this on a solo trip. Both options work great — but especially if you normally have company in your regular life, you may risk feeling depressed if you travel alone for a long time. So it is a big decision. I don’t want you to change your mind after staying away for only a few days, and you feel so alone, you miss your friends, and you only want to go home… It may happen that you will go home much earlier than you have planned.

Do you miss friends in your normal life? Then a holiday could be a great way to meet new ones! Download some dating apps a long time before you intend to go, search for friends or possible dates in the area you plan to visit. Then swipe for a while, and see if you find some interesting people. Be honest with them, tell them you are not from there, but you are looking for friends during your stay there. Most people will find this very exciting. They will love to show you around and you may have found a new friend for a lifetime!

Traveling solo will give you the freedom to go anywhere you want. No compromising. You just go wherever the wind takes you! However, it means you have to do all the planning yourself — which can seem daunting if you’re new to trip planning.

Traveling with someone means you have someone to help plan the trip with you. It will make researching your itinerary faster and you’ll have someone to spend time with on the road. However, it also means you’ll need to compromise sometimes. Perhaps on meals or activities or accommodation. It will just depend on you and the person you travel with.

Ask yourself:

  • Will you miss your friends at home if you don’t see them for some time?
  • Are you independent enough to travel on your own?
  • Should you try to find some new friends that live in the area you want to visit?

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