Transport Fever is the transport tycoon alike game, that Distrita gave not so great score. The game is great for passient players, but for others it lacks performance. So it is nice to see that Urban Games have focused on giving the game better performance.

From their announcement on Facebook

Today a major performance patch has arrived. In addition to optimizing performance, the patch improves stability on Mac computers and much more.

Simulation, rendering and building performance has been significantly improved. Also, several user interface enhancements like e.g. a fluent mouse cursor or a save game progress bar make the game feel more responsive and fluent.

Some issues which occurred on specific Mac systems have been addressed. In particular, a random crash which happened after several minutes playing the game is solved now. Moreover, the terrain tool has been reworked, and several game-play and simulation changes make the game more enjoyable. Also, quite a few small bugs and campaign issues have been solved.

Please find the complete release notes here:…/discussio…/1/224446432325393106/

We hope that you like the latest improvements and wanted to tell you that Transport Fever will for sure also be improved in future.

The whole Urban Games team wishes you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

We at Distrita wishes the team also a happy Christmas. It seems like they read the critics, because after our review. They were pretty fast at fixing the tram tracks rendering. So, we at Distrita hopes that the rest of the issues will be fixed also. Happy New Year also!

You can Buy and Download the game from Steam. Works on PC and Mac! Requires some GHz to run and plenty of RAM!

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