Transport Fever 2 Mission

On the 11th of December 2019, Transport Fever 2 will be out on Steam with full Steam Workshop support. Now we have seen the introduction and trailer videos from the game on YouTube. Our full conclusion is that Transport Fever 2 is 1.5 rather than 2 I think! Together with Cities Skylines today, both of the games got a realistic simulation of the growth of cities and towns type of game. Residentials, Commercials, and industries are all there. But that’s also where the game similarities end.

With Transport Fever 2 we are promised with having new one-way roads, traffic lights that work and an upgraded intuitive GUI. The graphics look very nice now. They had to so that they can fairly compete with Cities Skylines. But still, there are things that Transport Fever 2 should have which it doesn’t have. We wish to see Tourism, Taxi, Tram-only roads, Police and Fire stations in this game. This is a transport type of game so it should have a focus on trains but if this game wants to compete with Cities Skylines. It must feel way more “complete”.

After seeing a couple of videos about this new game title from Urban Games. I personally feel that Transport Fever 2 is yet again a tiny release update.

Train Fever started it all back in 2013 when they released the game. Then after some time, the owners renamed the game to Transport Fever. That was a full release of the game but it felt like an upgrade only. Not a DLC package etc! Then that version of the game got many patches and now we finally see a Transport Fever 2 release on 11th of December 2019. This is the game that Urban should have released, to begin with. Really.

The developers of Transport Fever 2 should make a game that is worthy to buy

When Train Fever came out on the 22nd of June 2012. I had huge hopes for this game and I still have the faith. I always felt it is a younger sister of Cities Skylines. Both of the games have nice graphics and gameplay. They have similar routing of routes setups where they should go and both of them got support for Steam Workshop so that 3rd party modders got the possibilities in changing the gameplay for the better.

I personally hope that when Transport Fever 2 is out it opens lots of doors for many modders. If they do, then this game can get a quite nice future. So if the game won’t have good looking tram avenues, police stations, fire truck stations, Taxi stations or even the possibility of building nice touristic destinations. Then the modders can add this to the game. People that buy Cities Skylines and Transport Fever love to decorate their worlds. Many are inspired by YouTubers such as Keralis which decorates any city or world that he visits.

Worthy reasons that would get even more people to Buy the game!

  • Full Support for modders should be the standard from now on
  • Let people customize buildings everywhere if they want to
  • Put the ability to add Police and Fire stations in the city
  • Let the people be able to take a Taxi if no bus arrives
  • Tram only roads and Tram avenues should be standard
  • Hospitals in the cities should be added too

I know that Transport Fever got mod support. But since Transport Fever 2 seems to have even more simulation added to the game. I hope that these new features can be used by the modders too to make some really nice content for the game. When Cities Skylines added Taxi and Tourism. It was an awesome update. But maybe we need to wait for Transport Fever 3 to see that?

Why don’t Urban Gams release DLC packages? Why releasing “full” games that look like updates? I will unlikely never understand that.

Transport Fever 2 will only defeat Cities Skylines if they let it be as open

In the past, Urban Games added the possibility to add trees, mountains, and flowers for the players of Transport Fever. I just hope that they have extended this now in Transport Fever 2. If people can make whatever they like such as beaches, nice decorations near stores and public places in the towns. Now that would be really awesome. Some modders added this to the first Transport Fever. They also added static traffic lights too even though the game mechanics didn’t support it.

Also, I wish to see the ability to put custom made buildings anywhere where the player wants to as standard. This is a feature that is not standard in Cities Skylines. But I don’t want Transport Fever 2 to be another Cities Skyline game. Both of these games look very similar in many ways, but the Transport Fever train models have always looked better in my opinion. It is said that the limits in the game keep people choosing Cities Skylines instead.

I know that Cities Skylines is a city-building game while this one is a transport tycoon alike game. But the main reason why Cities Skylines have become so popular is because of the open standards. The totally open-minded policy for modders is what made it so popular. Cities Skylines became a much bigger game than the developers and publishers of it expected it to be. It showed how much good work with the community means for the business and we at Distrita want Urban Games to succeed with Transport Fever 2.

Our final verdict will be posted right after the release.