On April 13th at 09.00 in the morning, the very first tram went on its first public trip in Dallas, Texas. A city which is quite hot during the summer months. Now people can take a totally new air-condition equipped tram in Dallas.

Construction began in May 2013 and cost $51m. Funding includes a $23m TIGER grant awarded in December 2010 for a proposed peoplemover between Inwood and Love Field, which was subsequently reallocated to the streetcar project. A further $25m came from DART following project approval by the North Central Texas Council of Governments in January 2013. The remaining $3m was raised from road toll revenue.

It is really nice to see Dallas get its first Tram line running. It’s been 59 Years since the last tram was running in this city.

Video of the Opening of the Tram

So, now you can go with a modern streetcar for 2.6km. There is also a heritage streetcar line in downtown Dallas along McKinney Avenue. Will they connect in the future? Now that would be an interesting move, because the new line is very short.