vintage tram route in naumburg germany

In Naumburg, a city located in the heart of the previous part of former East-Germany. The city loves its vintage streetcars or trams that run on their streets. The city is very small with only about 30,000 inhabitants and still, it got a tramway line through the city. Naumburg isContinue Reading

One may embark on a delightful rail ride through the heart of any city with a light rail system such as Karlsruhe, Den Haag, Aarhus, or Budapest to name a few. Here is the advantage of travel with a light rail route instead of using the bus. By taking advantageContinue Reading

Finally, Southern America is getting more light rail tramway networks. It is finally time to show that Ecuador is able to care about the environment. Cuenca light rail tramway is now open for service! Congratulations to all there!… Fantastic News! The Cuenca tramway in Ecuador is now finally open forContinue Reading

With a totally new light rail tram and tram-train system in Porto. You would think that there is no room for more in Portugals second biggest city? Well! There is. Porto had once a quite extensive tram network that was torn apart. Today the “Carro Electrico” heritage tramway is operatedContinue Reading

Tram Line 2 in Budapest is more than it Looks

If you want to have affordable travel experience in Budapest, Hungary. Then we recommend taking their public tram service such as their Tram Line 2! This is a very adorable tramline that uses older types of wagons. It runs almost entirely on its own with one underground tram station even.Continue Reading