The 9th TRAM-EM took place today. This unique event happened on May 21, 2022, in Augustusplatz, in the heart of Leipzig, Germany got a winner.

The event is now over and the results are posted.

Congratulations to all that had the chance to fight. A fantastic way of showing that tram drivers also can have fun.

Congratulations to Stockholm for having the Best Driver

Mikael Gustafsson from Stockholm did a great job at the event earning 2150 points. He is the best driver in 2022. Great job! Congrats! The second one is a shared one between Iryna Kozak from Lviv and Halyna Zahorna from Kyiv. They both earned 2030 points.

Very impressive performance by both Ukrainian women in this competition.

Germany and France got 1850 points and therefore share the 4th place.

You can watch the Entire TRAM EM 2022 Event Here

In the team competition, the team from Hannover won. Congrats! Then the 2nd place Lyon and 3rd place went to Berlin. It was a great performance of all teams!

We are already looking forward to next year! The European Tramdriver Championship 2022 was a success in Leipzig. A fun event reminding everyone that there’s diversity in all sorts of jobs. Tram drivers are all doing a fantastic job at getting people from A to B. They are all part of the green movement all over the world.