Urban Games is releasing yet another game title which they have been promoting a lot for the last days. The new title is Transport Fever, but from screenshots and info on their website. This game is clearly Train Fever 2.0! It is supposed to have better engine and they haveContinue Reading

Urban Games just released the very final update for Train Fever. A decision we at Distrita find very negative for them. Train Fever have been released on Steam for many months ago and still its not done! The game got many bugs still, but Urban Games have sold the gameContinue Reading

After the addon of Diamon crossovers, better usability and many other improvements, Train Fever starts to become a mature game. You can get it on Steam for Linux, OSX and Windows. Our test machine is a MacBook Pro Retina and iMac i7 which this game actually runs quite nice onContinue Reading

If you love trains, trams, buses and trucks. Then Train Fever is the game for you. This game is brought to you by Urban Games, which is a brand new game developing company from Switzerland in Europe. Train Fever World is Here If you have played Transport Tycoon Deluxe (OpenTTD),Continue Reading