What happens when your flight company finds out that a train connection is a great alternative to the same flight route? They put the whole trip for the plane ticket to become an hour and a half train ride instead.

Several airlines in Europe now cut routes and send those passengers by train on short distances if it is possible. In many parts of Europe where highspeed trains can even be faster at the same distance. This is an option that more and more flight companies are looking at.

KLM uses Train for Flight option

The first or last short flight on the trips that are short enough or capable of being replaced by train is what will work.

It has been very successful. Nearly 20 percent of the transfer passengers between Brussels and Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is now traveled by train, the KLM spokesman Gerrie Brand says to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten

One of 5 daily departures between Amsterdam and Brussels is now done by train which is fantastic. Here in Norway, our train services are known for having Bus for Train because our train system in Norway isn’t as good as in the Northern part of Europe.

There are lots of highspeed train connections in Europe that can compete with the flight route

Air France is also doing a Train for Flight Service

Also, Air France does the same train for flight service for some of its departures between Paris and Brussels. Passengers purchase one through ticket for the entire journey.

A good idea. Trains are quite comfortable on short stretches like this. And then it’s more environmentally friendly, says the married couple Aneta Todorova and Kalin Veltchev, a resident of Brussels. The last leg of the couple’s holiday trip to Asia was by train from Schiphol Airport to the train station in the center of Brussels.

By taking the train the customers don’t need to take the extra trip to the airport, then checking, then boarding onto the airplane, then fly, waiting to baggage if you have that, check out and go from the airport to the destination you are going to. But if you take the train it is much more simple and much less stressful.

When taking the train instead of the flight on a such stretch you can simply take it from one train station to another. In this way, the flight companies will pollute less in areas where this is possible. Also, you protect the environment more.

Source: Aftenposten – Photo: Wikipedia