The Urban Games team are very happy to announce that today another major game update of Train Fever has been released.

Traffic simulation has been heavily improved with the newest version. Most important, cars now take into account the current traffic speed (and traffic jams) in advance. Therefore, people can now drive around traffic jams (if possible) or may decide to use player-created lines instead. In addition, towns no longer allow that players bulldoze their main connection streets (works for new games). These changes lead to a more realistic passenger simulation and to a more interesting game experience.


The Urban Games team have been listening to the community and with this update they present two of the top requested features: Automatic vehicle replacement and realistic vehicle loading speed. Players can now define a vehicle (per line) which is used to replace existing vehicles when they reach their life spans. Therefore, large amounts of vehicles can now be managed more easily. Vehicle loading speed is now dependent on the number of vehicle doors. This way, especially modern commuter trains load and unload significantly faster.


Usability in general has been significantly improved. Track and street builder tools are now more easy to use. They have not only fixed a number of small bugs, but have also improved the user interface of these essential tools. For instance, obstacles which collide with your constructions plans are now highlighted in red color, and better error messages are displayed if a problem occurs.


Also, they have added links to the player-created Steam guides in the main menu and welcome window. The learning curve for beginners is now more flat and more advanced players can easily find walkthroughs or background information. This will give players a more quality gaming experience, but still the game should have a decent docs explaining how things works.

You can also find a complete release note here.

You can be sure that more updates and improvements will be released in future. This team does not dissapoint. They listen to the community and works together with it. Distrita will review this game when its done. Until then, be sure that Distrita will give you Train Driver updates when we see them.