Diamond crossovers, better usability and many improvements is put to this release. This new update is out for MacOSX and Windows. The team behind Train Fever have also created both 32bit and 64bit versions of the game.

Now! Finally the game gets diamond crossovers after over 1 year of development. This is something that the community have been waiting for a long time.


So, just before their 1st birthday, they were happy to announce the release of the newest build. However there was issues and several bugs had to be repaired.

Diamond Crossing and Better Usability Update

With this game update, the team listened to its community by introducing a new rail switch type, improving the usability and the user interface, as well as adding new ways to modify and customize the game.


Parallel Track building and upgrading is much easier and forgiving now. Not only can you upgrade crossovers to diamond crossovers, it is now possible to upgrade tracks at any time regardless of whether the track is used by a train or not. The length limit for multitrack tunnels is also gone now.

Another big enhancement is how the different cargo types are handled by vehicles. To achieve a more realistic simulation, a truck or wagon is now fitted on purchase to haul one specific cargo type.

A significant effort was also put into improving the user interface. Windows are now arranged and aligned in a more intelligent way. Better window layouts and new buttons, overlays and filters make Train Fever more accessible and easier to use. There is more direct control over vehicles by allowing the player to reverse trains at any time and send it to a depot effortlessly.


To provide more influence over how industries and cities behave, more parameters are now exposed to modding, allowing for a way to affect how a map develops by customizing the maximum size of industries or the grow rate and starting size of cities.

To bring more life into the simulation, a new animation type was added giving any object in the world the ability to play animations in a continuous loop. This opens a lot of new possibilities to modding.

Last but not least thanks to the everlasting support of our community we were able to eliminate yet another couple of reported bugs including disappearing vehicles and issues with track building.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Thank you for your continuing interest in Train Fever! Distrita hopes that everyone playing Train Fever will find the newest improvements and additions positive move from the developers. Now the game needs to fix traffic lights and one way roads! Because the traffic jams in the cities gets too heavy and in the end no vehichle is able to move! Please look into this. Also avenue tram roads! Now thats more handy than red bus lanes. Trams is supposed to have their own tracks at places in towns so it wont be part of the car traffic.