Urban Games is releasing yet another game title which they have been promoting a lot for the last days. The new title is Transport Fever, but from screenshots and info on their website. This game is clearly Train Fever 2.0! It is supposed to have better engine and they have also added Steam Workshop compatibility.

Transport Fever soon the be Released
On their website, you can read in their FAQ section that the game release schedule is set for fall 2016. This means that the game will be out before June!? There will be no Steam Early Access release of the game though, but when released Transport Fever will also be available on gog.com website.

If you however is interested in beta-testing the game. The details on how to sign up, will be available on their website they write.

No Multiplayer Mode
As with Train Fever, Transport Fever will have no focus on multiplayer at all. They want to focus on an extensive single player experience as they call it. This is upto the developers, but we think it should be available as an mod or update later on. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe is so fun, just because of the multiplayer game.

So now its only for us to wait for the release. I really hope that Urban Games will take the community much more seriouselly this time. As with Train Fever, most felt tricked into becoming beta-testers. We hope that Transport Fever will be a fresh start and that Urban Games gives the game what Train Fever needed.

Transport Fever