What are you feeling? How is your mood? Do you need to get some uplifting music tones? Muuuzic is our Eurodance site and in this article, I go through 3 fantastic tracks that you can listen to on Muuuzic Eurodance site.

Eurodance is still huge in the European countries. This is Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Germany to name some. Don’t be surprised if you hear Eurodance on the radio in these countries still as it was an uplifting music genre that moved Europe out of the depressions of the cold war to more liberal thinking. Now, this article is only about the music genre itself. But if you love Eurodance still then you should know that people like Eurodance Girl keep the genre flame burning forever.

Now its time to dance with somebody! Also, if you’re traveling to the eastern parts of Europe. Eurodance is still huge there, so you might impress someone there too.

#1 – Maduar with I Feel Good

Do you have a bad day? Try this song! It is such an uplifting energy bomb, with Barbara kung-fu Eurodance from 1994. This is an amazing Slovak Eurodance band from Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia. It got formed in Slovakia on the 1st of August 1986.

Watching the music video gives great vibes. They dance in the fields and the female vocal voice is striking. She really sings good and I wonder where she is today? Maduar made lots of Eurodance House type of songs with this one being one of the best ones I think. The mix between the male’s rap and her beautiful voice keeps the song uplifting. I really recommend this tune to anyone that wants to heal completely. Now, that’s the magic that the Eurodance genre gives.

Maduar Eurodance group interesting info to Know

  • Juraj Matyinkó – bass guitar, vocals, producer of music and lyrics
  • Ladislav Matyinkó – keyboards, vocals
  • Ladislav Dulovič – drums (August 1986 – June 1999)

Maduar is a Eurodance band that started up their career back in 1994 but it seems like they are still alive as they released one album back in 2007. I really recommend this tune to You!

#2 – Silja with How Could I Find Love

With awesome synths, beats, and a fantastic voice. Silja had this masterpiece of a Eurodance song shipped back in the 1990s. Here she brings everything that Eurodance is all about. Uplifting and a good feeling vibe from start to end. It is a song that some of you will be hooked on. There is so much going in this tune. I didn’t know about this tune back in the ’90s. But now I do and it is a gem that needs to be heard.

Today this sort of world’s music style is not presented much on today’s radios or on tv. But in the 1994 times, when this song was out then Eurodance was huge. Muuuzic is here to preserve a genre that deserves so many more hearts around the globe today. I really think that Silja’s type of style must be protected at all costs.

#3 – Flexx with Wake Up!

If you want to turn the fantasy into reality. Then you need to Wake Up! with Flexx. It is on my Top 3rd list of hot Eurodance songs that you can listen to on Muuuzic. This Eurodance band is from Sweden and the track was released back in 1993.

This song got everything that a Eurodance song should have. It is so powerful! Especially the female voice here is so amazing from the start to finish. I think it fits so well together with the male rap-singing. The tone of the song is a bit deep but it keeps the beats and singing so perfect is synced very well. You can really hear if a Eurodance song is made as it should or not and this song is quality from start to end.

All Eurodance songs deserve to be listened to using a great HiFi system with great speakers. You don’t get the same effect if you listen to it through bad PC speakers or laptop speakers. Eurodance needs bass and it needs speakers that can handle beats well.